Tiwa Savage Shares Why She’ll Never Share Secrets With Her Mum Again

By Glam & Essence

Award-winning Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage, who became the first Nigerian artiste to perform at a royal event,specifically at King Charles 111’s coronation and big lunch recently spill on her mum.
According to Tiwa in an interview with MTV UK,she vowed never to share confidential information with her mum anymore.
Tiwa revealed that her mum was the first person she when she was invited to perform at King Charles III’s coronation,and she’d asked her not to tell anyone.
Surprisingly, her mum told her brother less than 20 minutes of sharing the news with her.
Hear her, “When I got the call about performing at the King’s coronation, I didn’t tell a lot of people at first. But eventually, I told my mum and as always I was like, Mum, please don’t tell anyone. Then literally 20 minutes later, my brother is calling me, he was like, ‘Oh my gush!’ And I’m like, mum, wow! So, I’m not telling my mum anything again.
“Initially, I didn’t realize how big a deal it [performing at the King’s coronation] was. And I also didn’t know who else was going to be performing either. So, I didn’t know I was going to be the only one representing the Commonwealth. So, when I started getting that information, I was like, ‘Wow! No pressure.’ It was great though”.
“Like I said, to represent the Commonwealth, and just looking back at the performance. It was iconic. It was such a great experience for me.”
Tiwa Savage stunned the world with her amazing performance in London at King Charles III’s coronation concert and Big Lunch in March,2023.




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