Mercy’s New Look


Her name is synonymous with the Yoruba movie industry. Since starring in the movie, Ara; that shot her into limelight some years ago, super actress, Mercy Aigbe Gentry, who is now a mother of two kids is really making her presence felt, not just for her fashion sense these day that’s turned attention to her sexy look, but more so since she crossed over to acting English movies like The Needle, Life After Marriage amongst other. She spoke about her career, marriage and Fashion sense, amongst other fascinating issues about her life. Enjoy 

What’s been happening to you? I have been working and doing a lot of films. I actually just concluded the shoot- ing of my first English movie titled ‘Life After Marriage’, featuring Olu Jacobs, Juliet Ibrahim, Seun Akindele and my- self, and it was also directed by Lancelot Odua Imasuen. Before then, I had pro- duced a movie for one of my students titled IPE (The Calling), you know I have a school of Drama (MAAC School of Arts&Drama). It’s a movie that has been generating lots of positive comments from people, because they actually love the role I played in that movie. it’s a dif- ferent character from the usual roles I have delivered.

What instigated your taking that role? The script was actually written by Biodun Jimoh, but it’s actually my story. I wrote it because I just felt it’s time to bring to the awareness of my fans and Nigerians in general that there are many fake men of God and proph- ets around now, which I also believe are signs of the end times. The rate at which some men of God spread fake gospel, brainwashing people to obtain their hard earned money is so alarming. That’s actually what instigated me to do this movie, as a way to create awareness, even though I know there’s been movies with similar focus. Your consistency as an actress in the last two years is commendable, what is your driving force? It’s all due to the fact that it’s my pas- sion; I have got this unexplainable passion for what I do. If you must know, it is not everybody that has pas- sion for what they do, some people actually come into the movie industry for so many reasons. Can you reveal some of those rea- sons? Some people come into the indus- try because they see it as an escape route out of poverty, and some are in it to be famous. I am not saying you have the drive, passion and undiluted what has kept me going. Your fashion sense is quite hot at the moment, what does style mean to you? Fashion to me is what you buy with your money, but style is how you put it together. It’s a personal thing. Style to yourself and how you want people to perceive you once they see you.

Surprisingly, some people be- lieve that you can’t afford all the expensive dresses wear to events. Some people even argue that you rent most of these dresses, is that the case here? (laughs) The thing is, I work very hard for my money and I believe I deserve to get the best. And again, I love fashion and can’t afford to be caught breaking fashion rules. I love looking good, so that explains any doubt about how I get them.

It was noticed that you actu- ally started giving your contemporaries a run for their money in the fashion department about two years ago?

I have actually been asked the same question sometime ago. The person said my style really became very noticeable in the last three years. And I said oh, I didn’t notice and that’s the truth. I feel I am just doing my thing, though it’s possi- ble I have stepped up my game, fashion wise, but it must have been because I realized I have become more prominent within these periods. A lot of people believe that while mar- riage affected some of your colleagues negatively, you have been lucky. What’s the secret behind this? It is because I married my own husband and I settled down with someone who is extremely matured, someone who supports my dream and vision and where I aspire to be in the industry. My husband gives me his total supports in all I do and that’s why I am actually a very happy woman, because I have a man who’s got my back. You both decided to get married legally a just few months ago, five years after your traditional wedding, why did you wait that long?

Well, it’s because I just decided. My belief is this, you can actually do the court wedding anytime, as long as the traditional, which is the key thing is sorted. I didn’t see it as something we should rush and do, because my husband is going nowhere (laughs). Your son recently turned four, so are you planning to have another child? Hmmm you are right, but maybe I should just keep your fingers crossed on that. No doubt, you have a very good body for a mother of two and you have a good skin, what’s your beau- ty routine like? The truth is, we human being doesn’t actually like routines. Most times we get lazy to follow fitness rules and regulations, but because I love look- ing good, I love it when I go out with my daughter and people are like ‘’are you sure she is your mum’’, so I pay attention to my body and take good care of myself. I do my sit ups every morning, if I am too busy to visit the gym. I also spend like twenty minutes on my treadmill, so as to stay in shape. I drink lots of water, because it helps moisturize the skin from inside; I eat fruits and vegetables and I’ve taken fried foods off my diet because of fat.

Back to that kidnap rumour con- cerning you which was recently everywhere, how did the news hit you, knowing that you were not kid- napped? You know it’s one of those things, it comes with the job. Some people in the media are the ones we should be appealing to not to promote such false stories just to get traffic on their blogs and sell their papers. But like I said, it’s one of those things. You are an actress, a wife, mother and employer of labour, how do you juggle these roles? It’s not easy. To tell you the truth, it’s crazy. Forget all the glamour; it is not easy to strike a balance between these roles. You know because I have a very understanding husband, it makes my job easier.