Senate To Tinubu’s Govt:”Retain Electricity Subsidy For Now“

By Glam & Essence


In a bid to douse the economic hardship that has hit Nigerians across the country,the Senate has passed a resolution urging the federal government to maintain the electricity subsidy.
The decision was reached after the upper chambers considered and approved a motion during plenary, sponsored by Senator Aminu Iya Abbas (PDP), representing the Adamawa Central zone.
The motion emphasizes the need to preserve the electricity subsidy,in the face of the current challenges Nigerians face.
The Minister of Power,Adebayo Adelabu, had stated thst the government was faced with difficulty in maintaining the subsidy and emphasized the necessity of transitioning towards a cost-effective tariff model.
According to him,the country owed significant debts to electricity-generating companies and gas companies,hence the debate over subsidy removal remains a critical issue in Nigeria, with various stakeholders expressing their opinions on the economic implications and the welfare of the populace.
This resolution is hoped will help alleviate the hardship many are facing presently across the country.




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