Rita Dominic Knocks Critics Of Her Latest Movie Role

By Glam & Essence


Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic, has reacted to an X user’s post, who shamed her over a movie role the user considered beneath her status in the film industry.
According to the X user,
“There are certain projects your brand should outgrow, because, why is Rita Dominic in Lekki Wives or whatever it is called? Common.”
Rita Dominic responded to the post by pointing out that only people without artistic integrity would make such a statement.
She promptly urged her colleagues to ignore the statement by the X user, while emphasizing the importance of artistic integrity.
Her post reads, “Dear Actors, only people who have no single drop of artistic integrity speak like this. If you listen to them you will soon begin to believe you are more important than the industry that birth you.
“You are an ACTOR, so make sure to find a way or platform to release the creative energy in you. Continue to hone your skills regardless of empty comments like this cos knowledge is never ending – yours truly, Rita.”




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