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Besides being an established actress in Nollywood, sultry Thelma O’Khaz, who stirred up some controversy of sort, (with accusations of her having bleached her skin trailing her) also has a career has a singer. She took us into her world recently. 

So what kind of song do you sing? I write inspirational song, R & B Pop and songs that give message to people. How long have you been acting? Ten years now How did you find your way into the industry?Everybody has what defines them as a person, and it’s between you and your God. So acting and sing- ing actually is what defines me as a person and I’ve always known that from day one. I was dabbling into it then when I was in the University of Lagos, studying Theatre Arts, but I decided to just chill. I got into acting fully after my University. So how do you merge the two careers? Well, they are both like brother and sister to me, that’s how I see it; one can’t do without the other. I’ve been singing, doing sound tracks (Nollywood sound tracks), even before I got into the University. I can merge them easily but there is always time for the other. What are the challenges you have faced to get to
where you are now? For everything you do if there are no challenges, I don’t think it will be interesting or thrilling for you to keep going or keep moving. So the challenge is, I’m married with kids, so you have to be a super woman to be able to take care of both, because the home mustn’t lack because you’re acting or singing. How long have you been married now? It’s going to be 16 years and I have 4 kids; 2 boys and 2 girls. You look so young, one won’t know you’re mar- ried, not to mention having 4 kids, what do you do to keep in shape? Being that ‘super woman’ (general laughter) actu- ally helps me to be in shape. I try not to eat what I’m not supposed to eat and I eat a lot of fruits. I also exercise five times a week. Which movie brought you to limelight? COSTLY MISTAKE, with Saint Obi and Kate Henshaw, then later on, BRIDE APART, WHITE HUNTERS and WOMEN’S COT
How was your first experience like as an actress alongside top celebrities? I don’t know about other people but for me, the first time was just like saying thank you Lord. Ac- tually, it’s the fulfillment I get from the camera on my face and everything; it was just out of this world. You cannot explain it and that’s why you have to know what your calling is for you to be able to get that fulfillment. I wasn’t tensed, I was at home and no other thing does that for me like acting and singing. So would you say that you were accepted at first shot? Yes, I was accepted. Can you act nude? I can’t do that What if you are offered a huge amount? I can’t do that, what am I going to tell my 15 year- old son? I could do things that are very suggestive, but I can’t act nude
G&E JUNE 2014.inddWhat else do you do aside acting and singing? I work with 960, it’s actually into entertainment and all that. Sometimes, I freelance for other peo- ple that want information on how to go about their films, on line and all that. There was a rumour sometime ago that you were bleaching, what do you have to say on that? It’s amazing what happened at the time. I remem- ber in December, a marketer called me and said Thelma, please I want you to take a picture that has light, that will make you shine like light. I wished I could say the word he used in Igbo, so I took the picture. But I didn’t know how it got out, it was everywhere and people were just commenting and saying all sort. My friends called me from abroad saying Thelma, what’s happening, this is what we are hearing, so I took several pictures and put them on social networks, because I love to express my- self. A woman called me from abroad and was like please, send me whatever it is you used that made you look like that. It was just a photo shopped pic- ture, nothing more.

Any embarrassing moment so far? I think many years ago, I did a job and then went to the old Yaba and a woman said to me, ‘you are Thelma O’khaz’ I said yes ma, and ‘they said you are married’ I said yes, ‘and you are doing all those things tying towel and a man is carrying you (hissed) I pity you, I pity your husband’. She was just pissed and said it; and I was like, for me to be able to convince this woman with my acting skill, to have made her this angry, I must have really done my job well (general laughter).

Your husband must be a very understanding person? Let’s leave my beautiful hus- band out of it Are you not proud of him? I am very proud of him.



So you don’t listen to the negative side? No, I don’t, you must have a thick skin to be in this busi- ness. Who is your favorite person in the movie industry? Okay I love Rita Dominic. Apart from her acting, she is just a beautiful soul and she easily relate with everybody around, it’s important that you know how to relate, so that’s the thing with Rita. Then I like Darling Benson and Genevieve Nnaji is awesome, I love her. The movie, Satanic Church, look so scary, that, was there any effect on you after the movie? No, there was no effect, I’m a child of God. There’s one I did that is not yet out, I think it should be out in the next two months. I had to pray before I did some of the scenes, I’m not that superstitious, but I had to get into the coffin and stuff like that. I noticed that during that time, I was really not com- fortable, I was not myself, I was stressed and be- cause I was stressed, it really helped the character, I can’t wait for the job to come out, because it was a bit challenging.

So how was growing up like for you? It was normal, my dad is a Muslim and I come from Edo State, Auchi to be precise and my mum is a Christian, so am I. It was fun and because we had different kinds of character; there are so many of us and that’s why I can easily relate with people nowadays, and it has really helped me. What’s your definition of fashion? Fashion is comfort, it is what defines you, what makes you happy. How do you relax? With those kids at home (laughs). I don’t get to do that with them all the time, so whenever I have the time, I’m so happy to be with them and watch

movies. When I get that time to really stay at home and have fun with them, I just stay at home to watch movies and communicate with them. What are your favourite meals? The new one I just got is carrot and Mayonnaise. In the next five years, where do you see yourself? I see more international jobs being done, I see my- self doing more singles and videos.