Comedian AY Unveils 17-Year-Old ‘Son’

By Glam & Essence

Popular comedian and filmmaker, Ayo Makun, aka AY,shocked his fans when the news broke about how he celebrated the 17th birthday of his ‘son’.
This was the first time Nigerians would be hearing about the comedian having a son,whose name is given as Denzel.
The public got to see the son when AY shared photos of him on his Instagram page,with this message, “My son is 17. May each day be a step closer to your dreams, filled with the warmth of love and the thrill of new adventures. Happy birthday, Denzel. Daddy loves you. See you soon.”
The post soon went viral with his fans reacting to it,wondering if the boy trully is his biological child,since his wife isn’t the mother,since they have been together for over 17 years.
There are those who alleged that maybe the unveiling of ‘son’ is why AY’s wife has been unhappy.
It soon raised the question of when he had the son.




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