Brymo Explains His S3x-for-Music Fall Out With Simi

By Glam & Essence


Nigerian singer, Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ,with the stage name Brymo, recently spoke on his sexual advances towards his female colleague, Simi,in exchange for a music colaboration.
This generated some uproar when Brymo posted an audio clip on his social media platform, where he revealed that he had declined to collaborate with Simi because she had refused his sexual advance/relationship with him.
His revelation saw Simi’s husband, singer ,Adekunle Gold, issuing a stern warning to Brymo to stay away from his wife and to cease “disrespecting” his family.
In a recent interview, Brymo defended his advance to Simi at the time, describing it as an “artistic pursuit.”
Hear him:
“One day I was somewhere and I met Adekunle Gold, I was just like, ‘Oh! Gold.’ The first time I was ever meeting him. And he requested a collaboration… When he came to me, I just said flatly, ‘Oga, I’m not doing any collaboration right now.’
“Two weeks after, Simi came. I didn’t know they [Simi and Adekunle Gold were together]. I’m sure you all know about Falz. He took the fall that I was supposed to take. I was the target… But I’m a smart guy.
“When I saw her [Simi], I said no features except I am laying with the woman I am working with so it can really be intense. Did she not sleep with Adekunle Gold? Is that not why the music is extra good? But she said no, and I was like okay, bye-bye and then she left.
“She wasn’t the only one I proposed it to. But guess what? I’ve made music with seven women. I didn’t sleep with anyone of them.
“After that incident, I’ve recorded songs with four women. We didn’t even have that [segxwal] conversation at all. We just made music. So, it wasn’t about me asking for sex for collaboration. No, no, it wasn’t about that. For me, it was an artistic pursuit.”
This interview has since generated a lot of backlash from fans of the couple.




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