Bolanle Ninalowo’s Marriage Crashes

By Glam & Essence

Nollywood actor,Bolanle Ninolowo has announced the end of his 18-year-old marriage to his wife with a post on his Instagram page.
The post reads,”Finally i accept the reality of the End to a Road!
A sad reality that gives room & hope for a brighter and more fulfilling future!
A reality that is SAD for my loving and adorable children but necessary for a peaceful and loveable future.
A sad reality i prayed, nutured and worked tirelessly hard never to experience for the sake of all.
A sad reality i now have to accept as i realize that my kids are much grown with better sense of understanding and knowledge of my pain & struggles regarding them!

A sad reality that screams that i wont live or be around forever and must take care of my health & mental state for the goodness of all.
May God help me and reward me with all i truly deserve or punish me for all i have done wrong if that be the case.
In the end we will all live with the consequences of our actions.
Sad but real and true!
Now i have to do and be better for the sake of the same children i fought so hard never to be separated from.
The journey thus far only makes me stronger as i come to terms with what i truly need and deserve for all my relentless hard work & efforts in life.
Heart broken but not shattered yet i stand tall as i break this sad but true news to the same world who adores my beautiful family & I.
My wife & I have decided to go our separate ways and headed for an irreconcilable marriage dissolution.
Please respect our privacy and pray for us during this process as we heal and move on with our independent lives while jointly taking care of what we love most, Our children!
God bless all 🙏🏾 ”

The news has since gone viral with many of his fans shocked at their break up.
Sources revealed that the couple,who had separated twice in the past when Bolanle cheated on his wife, but got back together after he apologized.

However,they have tried for some years to patch things up,with Bolanle even going a step further to buy her a beautiful house to make up for his sin. They got back together to try to make things work, more so for the sake of their children.
Obviously, the damage has been done to the marriage,leading to the actor’s decision to accept the end of the marriage.




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